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Testimonials From The Top

Nese Dolan

Director of Community Engagement and Development for AdJoin
“Nick Warner is more than a business blessing! Working with him has transformed and grown my business far more than I thought possible. He is encouraging, driven, and (above all things) kind.”

Lianna Shannon

U.S. Department of Labor
“As soon as I reached out to Nick, I could immediately tell that he was a great listener. He asked pertinent questions and wanted to clearly understand what I was looking for in order to best meet my needs. Throughout my time with him, he was responsive, sent me useful resources, connected me with individuals who could speak directly to my interests, and most importantly, he made me feel supported through and through. Working with Nick not only gave me hope about my prospects but also provided tangible resources, contacts, and next steps so I could move forward in my goals. I can’t thank him enough.”

Matt Cate

Partner, Mosaic Solutions
“I have worked closely with Nick Warner for 16 years and I have watched him build his highly successful business from the ground up. He has done this through a unique combination of hard work, strategic problem solving and a commitment to customer service that is second to none. Nick lives by the motto that “Hope is not a plan.” I have come to him for advice on numerous occasions and can honestly say that Nick has an incredible ability to size up leadership and business issues and then provide guidance to a successful solution. He is patient, but he knows how to push you to be a better leader. He will be personally invested in your success. Can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Troy Parish

President, Ink – Public Sector & FLAGD Golf
“Nick Warner has been an incredible mentor, coach and friend to me for the past 20+ year. His strong business acumen combined with an uncanny ability to bring out the best in people are why I continuously lean on Nick for his advice. He encourages me to look at things from different perspectives, and provides useful insight into questions and challenges I bring his way. I trust Nick to always be honest and straightforward with me, even if it’s not exactly what I like to hear. For these reasons and many more Nick Warner has become a very close personal and professional friend.”

Hayden Tallman

Young Professional
“Working with Nick Warner has directly benefited my professional career, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a leg up in life. As a young person just starting my career, Nick has helped me sharpen my skills while identifying and developing my weaknesses. Nick personalizes your meetings to focus on the issues you think are most important while also providing you with specific ways to move forward before your next meeting. Being able to talk with and ask someone as successful as Nick questions has allowed me to better understand the business world and has sped up my development. His coaching is effective without being intrusive, yet he is still able to provide specific and strategic actions to add to your success. Nick attacks difficult challenges without losing sight of the small details that make a big difference and brings fresh eyes focused on your best interests. Working with Nick has been beyond worth it.”
Cristeta Rillera

Cristeta Rillera

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“Coach Nick instantly put me at ease with his warmth, genuineness, and professionalism. I really felt seen and heard when discussing my business goals. A key element in our work together is Nick’s ability to help me narrow my focus. With Nick’s guidance I have been able to shed the unnecessary tasks that weighed me down and prevented progress and growth. Coach Nick has also provided a lot of encouragement and motivation – and that means a lot to me, as a new small business owner. I highly recommend Coach Nick!”

Laura Cole

President, Cole Pro Media
“Nick Warner means business. His approach is creative, timely and insightful. He gives you tangible ideas that turn into winning strategies for your business. He’s easily accessible and always makes time for even the smallest questions. There’s no better person than Nick to help you grow your business.”

John Kabateck

President, Kabateck Strategies
“Nick was the very first person to help me get my political and public affairs consulting firm, Kabateck Strategies, up and running. Without even asking, Nick kindly offered to sit down with me to share his wisdom in business operations, marketing and the “soup to nuts” machinations that have today made my business a growing success. Nick started off by meeting with me and discussing a small business start-up checklist – everything I would need to have and know to get things going, from business license and certification needs, to website and marketing tools, to operational needs, to general keen advice on building the client base. Candidly, I don’t know how I would have gotten things started – or at least wouldn’t have realized as much growth and potential as early as I did – had it not been for Nick and his superior knowledge, kindness, and mentoring. He genuinely loves helping to coach others on how to be successful in business, and his example as an entrepreneurial success is a real motivator. I am so thankful to Nick Warner for giving me not only the tools and counsel, but the confidence and creative mindset, to take Kabateck Strategies from a building block in 2015 to an evolving California leader in full-service political and communications strategy organization. Any others would be as fortunate and blessed as we have been these past several years.”

Dennis Williams

Founder/Partner 3 Bridges Consulting
“Nick Warner and I have collaborated on a variety of projects. Prior to starting my own business he and I built a partnership that allowed my previous company to drive revenue in a category that had been largely untapped. Nick was instrumental at opening doors with decision makers and leaders in the political arena, that we would never have had access to on our own. As I put together a plan to create a new consulting firm in 2018 , Nick was one of my most important resources. As someone who had run his own business for more than 20 years, I found his advice invaluable. His counsel allowed us to start strong and avoid many of the pitfalls that a young business can run into. Had we not followed Nick’s advice, I am certain we would not have been able to make it through the unprecedented pandemic. We were able to build a very strong company that has the financial stability to survive. Nick Warner is an open-minded innovative leader with the skill set and experience to help all size businesses with their strategy, development and growth.”

Brandon Castillo

Partner, BCF Public Affairs
“Nick’s advice helps me elevate above the daily rut of running my business, to challenge the way I think and operate. Because he’s run a successful small business for decades, Nick’s advice is not theoretical. It’s both strategic and practical.“

Lee Seale

Sacramento Chief Probation Officer
“I’ve known Nick for over a decade and have benefited greatly from his advice and wisdom. He is a natural coach and leader. I’ve seen him guide and advise everyone from line-level officers and analysts to Sheriffs, Chiefs, legislators and three different Governors. His impact is astonishing. I’ve previously contracted with him to consult with my management team and the response was overwhelmingly positive – we will have him back again. In all my years of working in and around the Capitol for some of the largest state departments and law enforcement agencies, Nick has the strongest people skills and best natural coaching style of anyone I’ve had the pleasure to know. His management insights and organizational strategies are extraordinarily helpful. He will always be someone I turn to for advice and executive-level coaching.“