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Team Sport Is Essential To The Success Of Your Business.

Done best, your business is a team sport. Nick Warner is an experienced team building facilitator in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and the entire U.S.

A key differentiator between businesses that struggle and those that thrive is the health and connectivity of their team. A healthy team culture leads to higher efficiencies, happier employees, and retention of your key people. High performers get particularly frustrated when the team can’t keep up or support their drive, and rank and file team members need team structure to support their individual roles. Nick has a passion to inspire teams of motivated professionals to perform together with excellence.  

If you are a motivated business owner, contact Nick Warner to learn more. You can also request a consultation by using this website.

What Can I Expect During A Team Building Workshop With Nick Warner Consulting?

Nick prefers group conversational style over uncomfortable breakout sessions and sticky notes all over the wall. Nick works with you to design a productive and digestible process. When you choose Nick Warner Consulting as your team-building facilitator, he will meet with you to better understand your needs and your past practice. Nick works with you to determine approach and to draft the agenda. Team building often begins by having the team introduce themselves with structured questions and prompts so folks can get to know each other outside the grind of day to day. The bosses know all about the employees and their lives and roles at work, but you would be surprised how little they know about each other.  Nick favors a conversational approach that starts with comfortable and fun prompts to get to know each other better, works through day-to-day issues that require the team, and targets goals for the quarter or the year. Nick also favors a facilitated and lively Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – and Threats (S.W.O.T.) analysis.

Facilitated team building is a great way to get your valuable employees in a team posture, to have some relaxed laughs together, to learn more about our teammates, and to get everyone set for the roll-up-your-sleeves teamwork that needs to happen in the team building session.  

Why Is A United Team Essential To Your Business?

Nick Warner emphasizes collegiality and camaraderie between your employees. When your team is united, it can easily share responsibilities and ideas, which reduces workplace stress. Essentially, a united team is equipped to meet its goals and to deal with problems that naturally arise. Quality teamwork promotes innovation, reduces mistakes, finds solutions to problems, and improves productivity. It also ensures an enjoyable work environment.

How Can Facilitated Team Building Improve Your Team?

Here are some of the ways team building with Nick can help:

Identify Opportunities

A qualified team-building facilitator should help your team spot internal and external growth opportunities and internal resources. Your team members are an amazing internal resource, but you must know where the resources are and what they know to seek them out properly. Remember, a team is built up of entry-level employees up to higher-level management that has been with your organization for years. Every member of your team brings different hard and soft skills to the team. Especially post-Covid and with hybrid work plans, your team probably needs some work rebuilding the team aspect of it. Nick Warner helps you identify the people and their resources.


Nick Warner Consulting team building sessions stress accountability to a team and to each other as individuals in the form of accountability partners. Nick Warner encourages individuals to feel part of the team, and effective team building will show your employees the importance of teamwork in the day-to-day operations rather than just talking about it. When your employees work as a team, they don’t want to let each other down, maximizing confidence in each other and lending to a team sport environment that fosters employee retention and growth.


Efficient teamwork relies on excellent communication. Optimal communication is facilitated via trust but also supported by internal systems such as email, teams, Slack, Hive, etc. Management and employees must be on the same page and hold each other accountable. Nick Warner Consulting will assist in building those open lines of communication through effective team building and detailed outcomes to which the team holds itself.

Maximize Efficiency

The endgame is to help your team to get working and communicating with maximum efficiency. You won’t experience issues like two employees working on the same task because the team is communicating effectively and delegating.

Employee Retention

Talent and labor pools are tight and even if you have access to quality candidates, it takes time to get them up to speed. A better track is to invest in your current employees and your current teams.

Employers Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

Nick reports that, many times, themes and issues are identified in team building that employers were not aware of. It’s not always bad. In fact, it is often an employee revealing that they love something or have expertise in an area the group was not aware of. Or, it’s a preferred way of working that nobody was aware of (For example, I prefer to work super early, or super late; I’m a great writer and I can help you edit; or, I was a math major in college).