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The Coach

Nick Warner is a renowned business coach working with professionals at all stages and levels and across various industries. As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Nick engages you to find the highest-level confluence of what you want out of your life, business, or career. Nick will remind you, “Hope is not a strategy.” As a successful business owner, special adviser, and former lobbyist, Nick brings an immense level of expertise and grit as well as a deep appreciation of the importance of a healthy work-life balance and culture. Nick brings a fresh set of eyes and ears, a genuine curiosity, his sharp and witty tongue, and decades of practical experience from the trenches to the boardroom to his coaching and his keynote speaking.

The Story

Nick studied Political Science at UC Davis and earned his master’s in Public Administration and Public Policy from Golden Gate University. Nick was in the trenches as a lobbyist in the California State Capitol in Sacramento for 30 years. During that time, he rose and evolved into a valued special advisor and now is a sought-after business coach. As a lucky husband and father, Nick is very family and friend oriented. To go with his high drive and motivation, Nick has a high fun threshold, and his favorite place in the world is on the slopes or on a bike. When he’s not coaching, you can find him skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, reading, or podcasting on his Together at The Top podcast series designed with business owners in mind!
“Nick is always a big hit for our group. He speaks about leadership and team building in such a relatable way that we always get high marks.”

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The Keynote

Hope is Not a Strategy:
This keynote focuses on strategies for successful people looking to stay at or get to that next level. Nick is really good at figuring out his audience and speaking directly to what they want to hear about. He covers a wide variety of topics: effective team building, leadership, and management principles, how to discipline people well, how to bring people up and mentor them, and how to find mentors when you’re at a high level.

The Workshop

Facilitated Team Building & Strategic Planning Workshops:
Done best, business is a team sport. Quality teamwork promotes innovation, reduces mistakes, finds solutions to problems, and improves productivity. It also ensures an enjoyable work environment. Nick Warner emphasizes team, communication, smart language for upwardly mobile professionals, applied empathy and how to improve your listening skills. Companies are struggling to recruit and retain their workers but the companies and employers who invest in the professional development of their leaders, their team and the individuals who comprise them, stay together and thrive together.
“Nick facilitated a workshop on business skill sets for emerging leaders. He gave us real world examples and suggestions on what to expect next. Nick speaks in such an honest and helpful way, that I think half the group kept in touch with him after.”


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