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Episode 9: You Have To Really Want To Win | Dennis Williams, Co-founder of 3 Bridges Consulting

Episode 9: You Have To Really Want To Win | Dennis Williams, Co-founder of 3 Bridges Consulting

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Joining Nick on the podcast today is Dennis Williams, Co-founder of 3 Bridges Consulting, a successful sales and marketing firm specializing in using the power of video to sell. Dennis made the incongruent move from ten years in front of the camera as a sports anchor for CBS in Buffalo, New York, to become the Head of Sales and Marketing for ABC10 in California. In today’s episode, he gets into the weeds about career change and ascension sales, building sales teams, resetting and reinventing yourself, valuable sales tips, and so much more.

First up, Dennis shares the details of his transition from journalism to the business world, how he utilized his experience in broadcasting as a selling point, and the transferable skills he brought to his new career. He also discusses the biggest challenges he faced after switching fields, including dealing with cold calls and building a sales team, and the traits he looks for in salespeople, emphasizing curiosity, competitiveness, and creativity as especially desirable qualities. In particular, Dennis explains that to be a good salesperson, it’s essential to be able to understand the personality you’re selling to, and a curious nature is key to that. He and Nick also discuss what difficult employees tend to have in common, especially a big ego without anything to back it up and the “brilliant jerk,” someone with huge talent but a bad attitude. They then take a sideways move to talk about Dennis’ personal life, including the choices he made to reset and reinvent himself following his divorce, learning to start the day with yes, and switching from big corporate to his own marketing business. And finally, Dennis explains why he’s excited about using video to tell businesses’ stories and how the format can make every potential customer a warm one.

Revamping Business with Sales and Marketing Consulting

Embarking on the path of Sales and Marketing Consulting is indeed a voyage rather than a mere end goal. It is the pivotal element that can serve as a catalyst for your business’s success or, conversely, its most significant hurdle. Yet, the intricacies of this journey aren’t something to be unraveled in haste.

The mastery of Sales and Marketing Consulting is an endeavor that calls for strategic understanding, perseverance, finesse, and an understanding gleaned from failures too. This comprehensive grasp of sales and marketing often demarcates flourishing businesses from those that grapple to sustain their operations.

Effective sales strategies and groundbreaking marketing approaches are the sine qua non of business success. They are the cornerstone upon which thriving enterprises are built, and hence, understanding and implementing them effectively should be every business’s prime focus.

Table of Contents:

Transitioning from Broadcasting to Business

Dennis Williams, the co-founder of Three Bridges Consulting, has a unique story. Dennis made the jump from being a sports broadcaster for CBS in Buffalo, NY, to becoming an enterprising businessperson.

Leveraging Networking Skills in Business

The broadcasting industry is all about networking, and Dennis learned this early on during his time at CBS. His ability to connect with people was significant when he transitioned into business.

Leveraging these skills became one of his key strategies while setting up Three Bridges Consulting.

Dennis understood that building relationships were essential for acquiring potential clients and creating partnerships within the competitive landscape of entrepreneurship.

Providing Immediate Value

Besides networking, another crucial aspect that Dennis focused on was providing immediate value right off the bat – something he had mastered during his stint as a sports anchor where every second counted.

He knew that offering quick solutions or demonstrating expertise could help businesses stand out among their competitors and raise prospective buyers’ awareness of them.

This approach helped him attract attention quickly, eventually leading to successful client work resulting in an increased customer base and revenue generation for Three Bridges Consulting.

The Art of Selling and Recruitment

Understanding personalities is at the heart of selling and recruitment. It’s a key aspect in creating effective communication strategies, whether you’re making sales pitches or interviewing potential candidates.

Understanding Personalities for Effective Communication

Dennis Williams advocates that understanding personality types is crucial to succeed in both marketing consulting and hiring within your business. By grasping these nuances, we can adapt our approach accordingly; this could mean delivering detailed written proposals rather than high-pressure verbal presentations when dealing with introverted individuals.

This strategy enhances the efficiency of your sales process and helps raise prospective buyers’ awareness about your offerings without overwhelming them.

Importance of Mentoring Young Talent

Mentoring young talent goes beyond just recruiting them into your organization – it involves nurturing their skills through opportunities like internships. Mentoring allows new hires to gain insight into the bigger picture while gaining experience from more experienced professionals. HuffPost echoes similar sentiments regarding mentorship benefits.

This practice doesn’t merely benefit those being mentored – it strengthens loyalty towards an organization, turning interns into dedicated employees who might eventually become strong advocates for your brand amidst competitive landscapes.

Corporate Culture vs. Small Businesses

The ongoing battle between corporate culture and small businesses is largely centered around creativity in sales strategies. The key point of contention? Creativity in sales strategies.

Creativity Gap Between Corporations And Small Businesses

Dennis has observed that large corporations often have an established way of doing things. This rigidity can sometimes stifle creativity, especially when developing innovative sales strategies.

This isn’t necessarily a criticism but rather an observation based on his experience working across different types of organizations.

The lack of flexibility within these large entities may hinder their ability to adapt quickly enough to changing market conditions or customer preferences – crucial aspects for any successful marketing consultant looking at potential clients and customer base growth.

Conversely, smaller firms are typically more agile due to fewer layers of bureaucracy, allowing them greater freedom to experiment with new concepts or techniques, such as deploying sales automation solutions or action-efficient marketing campaigns. They’re better positioned to take advantage of emerging trends and shifts in consumer behavior, thereby raising prospective buyers’ awareness about their offerings.

Reinventing Self through Life Changes

The voyage of life is brimming with progressions, each conveying its cluster of open doors and difficulties. For Dennis Williams, these changes have been instrumental in shaping his work ethic and approach to business.

Reinvention Through Life Experiences

Moving from a sports anchor role to an entrepreneur required immense adaptability on Dennis’s part. Learning new skills, adapting to fresh environments, and embracing change became key aspects of this transformation.

A significant shift, like moving cities, impacted him profoundly. It nudged him out of his comfort zone, making him more open-minded towards different perspectives – a vital attribute for any leader in the competitive landscape.

Dennis also experienced personal setbacks, such as divorce, which played a crucial role in reinventing himself professionally. These experiences taught valuable lessons about balancing personal issues and professional commitments – something he now emphasizes when mentoring young talent within Three Bridges Consulting.

In essence, our life experiences shape us both personally and professionally. They can raise prospective buyers’ awareness about their potential while helping them navigate complex situations effectively by deploying sales automation solutions or action-efficient marketing campaigns tailored specifically for their target audience. The power lies in what we experience and how we interpret those experiences.

Launching 3 Bridges Consulting

The leap from established corporations to the uncertain terrain of entrepreneurship is daunting. Yet, this was exactly what Dennis did when he started his marketing consulting firm – Three Bridges Consulting.

This shift brought with it concerns about immediate revenue generation and talent acquisition. Common worries for any budding entrepreneur stepping into sales consulting or any other business venture.

Concerns Around Starting A New Venture

Dennis knew he had to confront these difficulties to make his ambition of having a prosperous consulting business come true. He understood that an effective strategy development consultants work closely on would be crucial in generating revenue swiftly.

Apart from creating strong marketing strategies and sales processes, identifying potential employees who shared his vision also became paramount. After all, building up your team is essential for every new startup owner aiming at expanding their customer base.

Strategic Partnerships For Success

To alleviate some initial hurdles many startups face, including raising prospective buyers’ awareness and deploying efficient marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships were invaluable assets for success in today’s competitive landscape. One such alliance was formed with Kathy Olson at Ships & Trips travel planning service – which proved instrumental during the early stages of Three Bridge’s journey towards becoming renowned strategy development consultants working closely with clients across various industries. Ships & Trips Travel Planning Service.

Sales and Marketing Consulting FAQs

What is sales and marketing consulting?

Sales and marketing consulting involves advising businesses on improving their sales processes, strategies, and overall marketing efforts to boost revenue.

What are the three types of sales consultants?

The three types of sales consultants include inside sales consultants, outside or field-based consultants, and telesales professionals. Each plays a unique role in selling products or services.

How do I start a sales and marketing consulting business?

You need expertise in both areas to start a consultancy business in this field. Build your brand, network extensively for clients, and offer quality service that delivers results.

Is marketing a good major for consulting?

Absolutely. A degree in Marketing equips one with valuable skills like market research analysis which are crucial for providing effective consultancy services.


Switching from one job to another can be intimidating, but it’s achievable with a positive attitude and appropriate abilities.

Sales and Marketing Consulting is not just about selling products or services; it’s also about understanding personalities for effective communication.

The difference between corporate culture and small businesses lies in their approach toward creativity. Creativity often fuels innovation in sales strategies.

Life changes are inevitable. They bring personal growth that shapes our work ethic and reinvents us professionally.

Starting a new venture like Three Bridges Consulting brings challenges such as revenue generation and hiring people. But strategic partnerships can ease this process significantly.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level through Sales and Marketing Consulting, consider contacting Nick Warner. He offers expert guidance on marketing, sales, accounting, real estate, and insurance technology leadership – all aspects of organizational management needed for success.