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Comprehensive Business Consulting And Coaching Services

Nick Warner coaches and consults motivated professionals and organizations in reaching their unique goals and solving vexing business issues. As a coaching leader in marketing, sales, accounting, real estate, insurance, technology, leadership, and all aspects of organizational and business development, Nick Warner Consulting provides a wealth of industry knowledge and experience tailored to your unique situation.

The Founder – Nick Warner

As a Dad, lucky husband, and business coach, Nick Warner values people and relationships above all else. He believes that being a good human goes hand in hand with being a good employer or businessperson. In his 20+ years as a successful business owner, he has developed a passion for coaching and counseling other business owners and motivated professionals. Nick loves personal connections, learning from others, and evolving with his clients. 

Nick’s two favorite phrases are: “This life is a team sport” and “Hope is not a strategy.”

Nick has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UC Davis, and he earned a masters degree in Public Administration & Public Policy from Golden Gate University, Sacramento. Nick has been a top adviser to companies and organizations such as Motorola, Verizon, ShoreTel, County of Los Angeles and the California State Sheriffs’ Association to name a handful.  He has been an advisor to companies in public and private sector markets and has worked with companies big and small for decades.  In addition to his formal education and being a long-time business owner and special adviser, he has benefited from the mentorship of exceptional business coaches. 

Happily married to his best friend Katy for 30 years, the couple has two daughters. Hannah is graduating the University of Kentucky and will be working in Lexington as a professional in the equine industry.  Alex is a student at the University of Tennessee rooting like crazy for her Tennessee Volunteers and working hard at fun and learning. Both girls are studying business. 

Fitness is important to Nick, and he often recommends a brisk walk or a bike ride as part of the process. If exercise isn’t your thing, maybe it’s the symphony, a quilt you’ve always wanted to make, the soup kitchen you’ve been meaning to volunteer at, playing the guitar, or flying a kite with your grandkid. The point is that balance is essential to your sustained success at work. For Nick, relationships are essential, and so is winning, sustainability and balance. 

Nick recognizes that every business, executive, and aspiring professional is different. He looks forward to teaming with you to formulate a plan tailored to your unique needs.